As the BPO services provided by Ghorarava Technologies are tailor made for each client, many of our BPO services may also involve specific sub-services and quality assurance processes, which can be included in the partnership agreement if deemed necessary by the client. These sub-services and processes include the use of specific platforms, provision of specific training programs as well as other processes that need to be incorporated in our outsourcing services. If a client is unsure about the best course of action, we can also recommend a solution that will best fit the client's overall outsourcing goal(s), regardless if it is cost reduction, excellent service quality, process efficiency improvement or other goals defined by the client.

Sub-services and Quality Assurance Processes

The additional BPO service elements that can be incorporated into our partnership agreement entail various sub-services and quality assurance processes that are deemed necessary by our clients. These may include such sub-services as handled data double-checking, development of new platforms/software needed to provide outsourcing services, provision of specific emergency situation training programs as well as end-user satisfaction research and other client specific requirements. With regards to quality assurance processes, we can also provide quality assurance calculations and quality monitoring by a separate team. Additionally, we can also provide various data handling security measures, employee language proficiency level assurance, specific work conditions for the client's service team(s), and even let our clients get involved their service team qualification and language proficiency verification processes.


Besides providing our clients with a unique service package, specifically designed in accordance with the needs and requirements of their business, our clients have the ability to pick and choose sub-services and quality assurance processes that best suit their overall outsourcing goal(s). Furthermore, we client also has the chance to negotiate the terms and conditions related to up-scaling the scope of outsourced services, in case of business growth, or in case the client decides to outsource other business processes as well. Once the negotiations have been completed and both parties are fully satisfied, the third stage of drafting and finalizing legal documents can begin.

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